Official Alfresco Training
  • This course covers Alfresco Activiti Workflows from start to finish, and will enable the design, development, and deployment of custom workflows that meet your business needs.
  • The Alfresco fundamentals training course introduces a wide audience to the technology of Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This instructor led course uses presentations, demonstrations, worked examples and labs to achieve its objectives. At the end of the course the participant will be familiar with the Alfresco technology, its architecture and will understand what the different components of Alfresco do and when they could be used.

  • This one day instructor led class is a fast-paced introduction to Share configuration. It shows how the Alfresco Share interface can be configured to display your own content models and types, how the advanced search features can be tailored and gives a general introduction to the Alfresco Forms system.

    This course will allow you to simply configure Share for your users to support your own metadata requirements - the first things that most developers will want to do.

  • This course shows how Alfresco web scripts are created and how they can be used for both integrating with other systems and for display and rendering purposes. This course will enable you to extend Alfresco to integrate with other applications and extend the functionality of Alfresco to meet your own specialized needs.